This Is Why Your House Is Not Selling

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that your home is jinxed and that no matter how much effort you put into marketing it never seems to catch the investor’s eye? Well, here is a number of things you could be doing wrong and why your house is not selling. From the word “go” to the point where the decision is made to actually close the deal or toss it.

Are you overconfident? Does your home smell bad? Does your agent never seem to care or are you simply leveraging equity that doesn’t exist?

It can be quite the bitter pill to swallow. But sometimes that is just what you need to catch yourself a buyer or a real estate investor in Pensacola.


Just because you’re in a seller’s market, doesn’t warrant you to be outright lazy about executing the best home selling tips on how to prepare you house for the upcoming sale. One very important aspect is the pricing of your home relative to similar houses in your immediate neighborhood.

Is your house priced too high?

If your price is too high relative to other houses selling in your sub-market, then it is also likely you will not be getting a lot of inquiries. To know the fair pricing for your home it is wise to hire the expert help of several renowned real estate agents listing properties in your vicinity.

Does your home need a facelift?

You can still make certain key improvements to your home, although you may not going to enjoy them for long. Investors will often devalue you home for the little things that it lacks and not see the good parts.

Are your appliances to old?

Old yellowing refrigerators and dented rusty HVAC, heaters and boilers will portray your home as a museum of some sorts. Replace or repair appliances and everything that reminds buyers that your home isn’t new.

The Cure for ‘House is Not Selling’ Syndrome

Like most people who aren’t able to sell their homes early, and for the best price, you might be facing one of these problems. The sooner you are able to improve on your weakest areas the more inquiries you are likely to get.

Remember that no matter how intact your house is, appearance is huge. Pictures will draw buyers or force them to move on to the next listing. Be one of the successful sellers who actually take measures to add value to your house. Invest in improving the real and apparent value of your home leading up to the sale. It pays to prepare your home for selling.

You may choose to save money on the final cost of selling your home at your own peril. Or you can choose to invest a little bit of cash in the process, ultimately improving your final offer. Creating buyer demand will make potential investors bidding on your home offer an even better price for it than you imagined. Finding the right homebuyer in Pensacola with a genius home launch formula (hint, hint) will help put your home in the best sellers’ market.

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