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Northwest Florida Investment Properties

CM Complete Home Solutions offers a wide variety of investment properties across the Florida Panhandle in areas including:

  • Pensacola
  • Navarre
  • Fort Walton
  • Destin
  • Niceville
  • Crestview
  • Panama City

Most people are unaware of the numerous different kinds of real estate investment properties available at the click of a button. Not everyone sees an investment property in the same light. To help you make sense of the more common ones take a moment to peruse our available properties.   Investment real estate is your most secure resource to achieve your financial independence through building a passive income. Basically, there are four types of residential investment property. Keep in mind, we are not saying these are the only possibilities available. The more creative you are, the more doors open for you.

Types of Investment Properties

Buy and Hold

The buy and hold investment properties are generally turnkey properties that you would intend to rent or lease for a profit. These properties represent the majority of the more traditionally known investment properties.

Everyone is or knows a landlord. Many times these properties will be purchased with a tenant and lease already in place. The strategy for these properties is generally more about generating cash flow than equity.

Fix and Hold

These properties involve making the purchase and repairing the property for the purposes of renting or leasing. These properties are an alternative to turnkey rental properties and can yield nice returns.

It would be wise to have a general knowledge of home repair before investing in a property of this kind. This would be a great strategy if you were looking more towards equity than cash flow.

Fix and Flips

You are probably familiar with the term “flipping houses” from the television shows that have made this phenomenon popular. It is key with these investment properties to purchase properly.

Fix and flip properties need to be purchased well below market value and the investor needs to have a firm understanding of the home repair process and market value. These properties are then turned around and sold on the open market to a retail buyer.

Wholesale Investment Properties

Wholesale real estate is not a novel concept. The investment properties that have been previously mentioned often stem from a good wholesaler. These properties are generally in disrepair and in some form of distress whether it is a matter of the state of the property, about the seller or the situation. A good wholesale investor will seek for a win-win-win for all parties involved. Wholesale properties are a great way for a buyer to get a great deal discounted well below market value.

Of course, there are many different kinds of investment properties not mentioned here. Others include tax liens, subject-to, non-performing notes, commercial real estate, industrial, retail, mixed-use, storage units, REITs, etc. or any other real estate project that appeals to your personality and resources.  CM Complete Home Solutions makes available investment properties for retail cash buyers, landlords and other real estate investors. We also hold many investment properties.   We hope this has helped clear up any doubts or concerns you may have on the subject of investment properties.

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