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Are you in the market for a foreclosed homes in Pensacola? Well, you need look no further! You have found the best online listing for the latest properties up for grabs near you and for great prices too. But have you made up your mind to buy a foreclosure? If you are like most of our first time clients, you might be having doubts about this venture but there is no cause for alarm. Read our guidelines here – they will help you know exactly what it means to invest in a foreclosure, the merits as well as the risks inherent in these kind of deals. Ultimately the decision to purchase or not to purchase is up to you, but by reading this you should be able to get some actionable fact-based insights.

Getting Ready to Buy Foreclosed Homes in Pensacola

Foreclosed Homes in Pensacola

The most important step of any successful venture is the preparation to make the purchase. You need to think numbers and be resolved to go ahead with the transaction should you find the home you have always longed for. You will also need to have an expert you can trust. By that, we mean one who will look out for your best interest.

As with any other home deal you are gonna get, there is a top side and downside to deciding to go with a foreclosed home.

Merits of Buying Foreclosures

The main reason a foreclosure deal is more enticing than any other kind is the fact that you stand better chances of getting  a better deal whether it is just going into foreclosure or is already owned by the bank. In the former case, the owner is under a great pressure to avoid foreclosure and in the latter most lenders just want to get rid of properties owned and give unbelievably good discounts. More often than not, the home will end up selling for way less that it is really worth.

Both investors and home seekers will compete for available properties because of the great potential gains involved. Most lenders will not bother to upgrade or even maintain foreclosures and this reduces their market value after just a few months of no-occupancy.  However, with only a few minor restoration touches and upgrades, provided the water damage and mold has not taken root, it is possible to restore the aesthetic value of the home or add to it.

Another advantage of shopping for foreclosed homes is that you will find a wide variety of homes ranging from starter houses to large mansions in the leafy suburbs. The fact is that you might have a better chance of finding a home you can afford in a more affluent neighborhood if you choose to go with foreclosures than with other kind of deals. There is always a better home to move in and move up from your current home and you will find we list for a wide price range.

Most of the properties we list here are in tip top shape and require minimal efforts to prepare them for move in. This means you pay way below the market rate and rapidly appreciate your new home once you make it homely and give it the upgrades required to generate huge returns on your investment.

Factors Influencing the Value of a Foreclosure

Property Condition

The most important thing to bear in mind when deciding the amount you are willing to part with for your new home is its current condition. It might be located in your dream neighborhood and even have retained its curb appeal but what is it like on the inside? The structural integrity of the home is most important and in the case of damage, the extent of the damage should be assessed for you by someone qualified to give a professional opinion.

Stage of Foreclosure

The stage of the foreclosure has everything to do with the condition of the property. With most lenders, the process is long and often takes months to years to complete. By the time foreclosed homes in Pensacola get to REO status, damage due to neglect is probably at its peak especially if no maintenance is carried out during the entire period. Such properties will also be prone to theft and vandalism.

Escambia County Forclosures

Deciding to Buy a Foreclosed Home

It is extremely important that you make a fact-based resolve to see this kind of deal through knowing the potential pitfalls and the great rewards that await you on the other end. Here is how to tell for sure if foreclosures are your best pick.


Getting your finances ready is crucial to seizing opportunities fresh as they present themselves. You should be prepared to face some competition for good deals that surface.

Professional Real Estate Expertise

Having a realtor you can trust by your side will ensure that you can follow through the entire process with success. It would take you and insane amount of time to understand the requirements if you are just a beginner. That said, it is not impossible nor very difficult to pull this through on your own even if you are not an expert.

Timeline Flexibility

These deals generally move quickly so you would need to be pre-approved or ready to pay cash.

Current Home

If you need a home you can move in right away then the foreclosed market might not be the best place to go looking. You will most probably have to make a home out of the house even after closing the deal.

Final Thoughts on Buying a Foreclosure

Buying a foreclosure from us takes less time and effort with much less paperwork involved. We make it pretty easy to land the home of your dreams for much less that the market rate. You also get to enjoy a house with a unique homely character which adds to its beauty. Once you make a home out of it, you can sell it for much more that it is currently worth after only a short duration and/or minimal upgrades. In short, if you are ready to move quickly when purchasing your new home or investment property, foreclosed homes in Pensacola might well be your best option right now.