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Escambia County Foreclosures

At CM we specialize in buying Escambia County foreclosures for the best price and in good time. We are strictly professional in all our deals, and delay tactics and high pressure tactics are not something we believe in. Our mission is to work with sellers and acquire their properties for the right market price to save them from full foreclosure provided we can resell the home and gain profit after a while and with some improvements.

Why Sell Your Home to Us?

foreclosures in escambia county

What sets us apart from the other guys who buy Escambia County foreclosures is time consciousness, professionalism, and the kind of honesty that is rare in the real estate business. Most homeowners who got ripped off later wish they had met and worked with us. Even if we do not end up acquiring your home, you will be lucky to have us bidding because it will certainly improve the value of your property!

We understand that when foreclosure is lurks in the horizon, most homeowners opt to sell their own homes to avoid full foreclosure into a REO. The objective is always to sell the home as fast as possible and for the best price too. We offer the best prices for troubled properties compared to other investors who most probably want to take advantage of your situation to buy your home for dirt cheap.

If you are like most of the foreclosures in Escambia County homeowners who have successfully sold their houses to us so far, you are under immense pressure to sell and we know that just as do other potential buyers. The difference is that we are not interested in ripping you off by exploiting that as much as the next guy.

It’s ok to have doubts on whether to sell to us but what have you to lose? Just give us a call today and you will be the one in control the whole time. We will give you the best deal yet and we can even better it within reasonable bounds. Our aim is to develop neighborhoods and resell and we have monstrous financing so we are the guys that are most likely to buy your house for slightly more than its worth despite your current situation.

Tips for Selling Your House

  • If Equity Does Not Exist, Don’t Try To Salvage It

Just because you paid so much for you home doesn’t mean that it is still them market price right now.

  • Don’t Overprice Your Home

We have said already, but without fear of repetition, don’t overprice your home. This is the most common reason why people lose their homes completely when it takes too long to sell. Even though it is not what you really wished for, life sometime hands you a lemon so be aggressive in making some lemonade!

  • Be Realistic

You need to get a reputable real estate market assessment with an in depth local Escambia County foreclosures expert to carry out comparative market analysis.

  • Decide How Low You Are Going To Go

Even though we are talking about going cheap to sell faster, there is obviously a limit you are not willing to go below. But remember that your buyers don’t really care how much you owe, in fact most will try to take advantage of your plight so it is futile to try to get them to pay as much. If your home is worth less than you owe, you must first get approval from your lender on how low they are willing to accept you to sell.

Making Up Your Mind to Sell your Foreclosing Home

From the moment your mortgage lender serves you with the first notice on intent to foreclose, you might feel like a dark cloud looms over you and your loved ones. But it is true that we are all knocked down by life’s tribulations at one time or another, it is how we react to that setback that matters. Instead of resentment and hatred towards your lender, there are better things to channel all your energy to doing like saving your lifetime of saving by selling for the best price and perhaps re-investing in a cheaper home.

It is true that when Escambia County foreclosures are around the corner, you need to not only settle the plan to sell your home in motion but also do it fast unless you have a sure way of financing your mortgage other than selling. Doing nothing, you will be a sitting duck waiting for the final knockout, the notice of eviction.

Time is an elusive commodity, the sooner you make up your mind on your best move right now, the more in control you will be throughout the whole process. You will even have an easier time getting your lender to approve a short sale. Mind you, as the seller you hold the reins that drive the market price of your home.

Conclusion: Sell your Escambia County foreclosures for the best possible price.

Selling your home because it is in danger of foreclosing is no easy feat. It is one of those make or break decision you have to make every so often and that have the power to define your financial wellbeing and future. The sooner you get things in motion the better t is going to be for you seeing as you will be operating under less pressure to sell.  The foreclosure home sale process is not the easiest one yet and it often takes longer than any other kind of real estate deal. If you act now, you will have a better shot at saving your investment with you in the driver’s seat all along. You want to sell your foreclosing home for its true value or more then the time is now; you might even be able to sell it for slightly more than your neighbors.

Call us to day or drop us an email and we look forward to working with you.

foreclosures in escambia county

Deciding to Buy a Foreclosed Home

It is extremely important that you make a fact-based resolve to see this kind of deal through knowing the potential pitfalls and the great rewards that await you on the other end. Here is how to tell for sure if foreclosures are your best pick.


Getting your finances ready is crucial to seizing opportunities fresh as they present themselves. You should be prepared to face some competition for good deals that surface.

Professional Real Estate Expertise

Having a realtor you can trust by your side will ensure that you can follow through the entire process with success. It would take you and insane amount of time to understand the requirements if you are just a beginner. That said, it is not impossible nor very difficult to pull this through on your own even if you are not an expert.

Timeline Flexibility

These deals generally move quickly so you would need to be pre-approved or ready to pay cash.

Current Home

If you need a home you can move in right away then the foreclosed market might not be the best place to go looking. You will most probably have to make a home out of the house even after closing the deal.

Final Thoughts on Buying Escambia County foreclosures

Buying a foreclosure from us takes less time and effort with much less paperwork involved. We make it pretty easy to land the home of your dreams for much less that the market rate. You also get to enjoy a house with a unique homely character which adds to its beauty. Once you make a home out of it, you can sell it for much more that it is currently worth after only a short duration and/or minimal upgrades. In short, if you are ready to move quickly when purchasing your new home or investment property, foreclosed homes in Pensacola might well be your best option right now.

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