Can a Landlord Require Renters Insurance?


Property rental services have become one of the most profitable businesses. People make smart decisions while purchasing a property and rent it as an investment. One of the hottest trends nowadays is getting the renter insured. And, it’s certainly a great move. Renters insurance is a valuable document which brings uncountable benefits to both, the tenant as well as for the landlord.

You must be wondering how renter’s insurance can benefit the landlord though there are documents like rent or lease agreement. The renters insurance is a document which helps the tenant and landlord solve issues outside the court.

In this unpredictable world, it’s tough to understand people and the primary concern of landlords is damage to the property or false claims from the tenants. Renters insurance is a simple solution for hassle free renting.


Here are the reasons why landlords must insist their tenants to get a renters insurance:


  1. It keeps you away from legal troubles

None of the landlords want to get trapped in the legal consequences when any damage happens to the renter’s property. There are cases where damage to renter’s property has created troubles for the landlords. Renter’s make false claims; make their landlords pay for the damage though it does not come under the responsibility of the landlord.

When the renter’s don’t have insurance, they escape from paying the amount while threatening the landlord to pay the amount to face the court! Thus, renter’s insurance protects landlords from legal consequences!


  1. It helps you filter the tenants who won’t pay the rent and are improper!

One of the prime concerns of landlords is the rent! Though landlords follow the process of interviewing the tenants before handling the property, they can still make a mistake of renting the property to a wrong tenant! If the tenants give excuses that they cannot afford it, simply understand that they are escaping it! This will help you filter the applications in a more specific and easier way!

A true tenant will always be willing to get the legal documents and make the deals more flexible.


  1. It reduces your responsibility

When you hand over your property to someone, it’s quite obvious to feel insecure and conscious about the use of the property. Also, you have given a house to the tenants for living which provides them shelter. If anything happens to this shelter, it becomes your responsibility to arrange another stay for your tenants. In this case,    if your renter has the renters insurance, he/ she won’t be dependent on your support. The insurance company can arrange necessary stay or repairs making you simply concern free!


  1. It saves your money

In case any damage is caused to your property, your insurance company will surely pay for it. However, you may have to pay some extra amount for repairs. When your tenants have the insurance, the policy would simply cover the extra amount which will leave you stress free!


Above all, the renters insurance will make you feel free! When you don’t have to worry about the property or bad tenants, you will definitely enjoy renting your property while getting all the financial benefits! Thus, insist your tenants to get a renter’s insurance for hassle free renting!


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