15 Words That Add Value to Your House

At CM Complete Home Solutions, we buy houses in the Pensacola, Florida area no matter the description because we are looking for off-market homes. But if you insist on listing or want to sell it yourself (FSBO), you will want to use the following to add value to your house when doing so.

When it comes to writing an effective description, don’t hold back. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Why do some homes sell for a premium? Timing, for starters. And the condition or location of the home. But, using certain keywords could help sell the home for more money.

If you’re home could be described as one of the following, you might want to consider adding it to your listing or ad.

1. Desireable

If the buyers feel that the area, view, amenities or schools are desirable then it might create a sense of urgency to buy. The more people that may be viewing the home could be determined by this very simple word alone. Upper end homes are a bit more desired than lower end so a presumption of desirability may pay off.

2. Impeccable

On average, listings in the bottom tier with the word “impeccable” sold for more than expected. Impeccable is a nice rich adjective. It implies quality and condition that the home has been kept. It might also imply that the home is move-in ready. CM Complete Home Solutions generally refers impeccable houses to our preferred Realtor.

3. Captivating

Captivating should be used for upper end properties in that these houses tend to sell for more on average than expected. It provides a rich and very enticing description for buyers. Plus, it’s less open to interpretation. Anything can be seen as nice, but “captivating” sets the bar high!

4. Luxurious

Lower-priced listings with the word “luxurious” sold for more on average than expected. Luxurious relates to higher end finishes and amenities. In this price range, this makes for a very inexpensive yet important selling point, and luxury is in the eye of the beholder. When we buy houses we are not so much looking for luxury but the possibility of it existing in the near future.

5. Remodel

Was your home recently remodeled? It may be worth mentioning. If you updated the kitchen or bathrooms it could result in a higher response to your listing or ad. After we buy houses in the Pensacola area we sometimes remodel them as well. We also have a preferred list of contractors we could refer you to if you would like to have the work done yourself.

6. Spotless

When it comes to lower-priced homes, cleanliness isn’t always a given. So mentioning the word spotless in a listing could easily add value to your house and result in more showing thus a higher sale price.

7. Gentle

It’s typically used to describe something about a home’s location such as “gentle rolling hills.” The word gentle could also be used to describe the use of the property if it’s older but still in like new condition.

8. Tile

A newly tiled backsplash or updated bathroom tile not only indicates a home’s aesthetic value but also sends a message to buyers that the home’s been cared for by the current owners. Many also enjoy the appeal of low-maintenance tile flooring, especially in locations that are sandy or the climate is hot. In our area we always put tile down in the wet areas when we buy houses. It ads to the appeal.

9. Landscaped

It’s just as valuable to describe your yard as your house. In all price ranges everyone enjoys a nice yard. Lower-priced listings tend to benefit more from landscaped yards than others. We have excellent certified Landscapers we can refer to you in the Pensacola area.

10. Stainless

It would be in your favor to talk up your appliances and fixtures if they are Stainless Steel. These features in your listing, especially in lower end homes sell for more on average than expected.

11. Beautiful

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, features like a view, or nice fountain or pond may be worth noting.

12. Granite

Granite is typically used to describe countertops or another high-end home features such as mantles. Even though many of the higher end homes are going away from granite counters and other features, lower end buyers will still see the attraction.

13. Pergola

You should mention features not found in every home. You should include high-end home features in your listing description, especially if buyers are searching for homes online by keyword. We have found that many people enjoy the shade and privacy that a pergola may provide. When we buy houses we look if one is erected already or if we will need to include one when we sell.

14. Basketball

Among lower end homes, a basketball court is a huge selling point, even if it’s just in the driveway. This may seem like an odd word to include in this list, but when you consider the context it makes sense. Everyone is into the health and fitness craze right now and this is an inexpensive and fun way to stay in shape.

15. Upgraded

Everyone knows that “upgrades” are a selling point, as long as they are still relevant. They indicate a home functions well. Pointing out the features that have been updated is a good idea, as long as they are recent. It will also help buyers have the right expectations when viewing your home.

These 15 words will help you add value to your house and generate excitement in your home whether it is FSBO or listed with a realtor. But, none of them guarantee you’re home sells. So, if you don’t end up with the desired result using these words in your listing then maybe you’re expectations might have been a little too high or you’re realtors suggested price may have been a bit to lofty.

We buy houses as is. We buy in the Pensacola area. And, we buy for cash. Read our post about How to Sell Your House Fast for Cash.

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